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Van Saar Tactics Cards (Second Edition)

Van Saar Tactics Cards (Second Edition)

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Necromunda is a vast machine and the sons and daughters of House Van Saar are its engineers. While other clans and Noble Houses have been content to embrace the slavish traditions of the Imperium, in particular its superstitious fear of technology, those of House Van Saar have sought to unravel the mysteries of Humanity’s lost age of advancement and progress.

This pack contains 26 cards to keep your games of Necromunda running smoothly, and bring the tricks and schemes of House Van Saar to bear on your rivals.

Included within are 18 Van Saar Gang Tactics cards detailing ploys unique to the House of Artifice, as well as eight blank Fighter cards for tracking your gang members.

This box contains 26x cards (100mm x 75mm) for use in games of Necromunda:
– 18x Van Saar Gang Tactics cards, which detail tactics for the exclusive use of House Van Saar gangs
– 8x blank Fighter cards, perfect for the Champions and Leaders in your gang deck, each stamped with the House Van Saar crest

You will need a copy of Necromunda: House of Artifice and the Necromunda: Core Rules to use this card pack in your games of Necromunda.
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