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Skaventide (Hardback)

Skaventide (Hardback)

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Deep in the heart of the Skaven apocalypse, where survival lies on a knife edge, ratmen and Reclusians alike race towards a prize that will turn the tide of war – a lost Stormcast brother. Should the enemy uncover his forbidden knowledge, Aqshy will surely fall, so, for the chosen of Sigmar, failure is not an option.

The journey is long and full of strife, and for the mortal acolytes who accompany the Reclusians – guardians of their memories and faith – it may be the last steps they take. Yet together, they are hope when hope is dying, a truth they all must seize upon. For without it, they are victims of nightmares and shadow, ushering in this new Hour of Ruin.

Written by Gary Kloster.

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