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Redgrass Hydration Foam

Redgrass Hydration Foam

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Our NEW special foam is naturally mold resistannow in 3mm thickness. No anti-mold chemicals are added to the foam, and the effect will not wear out over time. So no bad smell after a few days, even when not stored in a fridge. Long lasting, you just need to rinse it from time to time with fresh water.brane, however, can be rinsed clean easily. It means you can apply colours on it, do extended painting sessions with these colours, and then simply clean them, and start again with a new project. 

From our tests, you can reuse them at least 4 times for many different projects!  It will gradually stain over these cleaning cycles, but performance will remain consistent

Some independent reviewers have been able to reuse them up to 10x times. It really comes down to how careful your usage is. 

Cleaning paints when they have not cured yet improves the reusability greatly. But that's what our wet palette is good at, keeping your paints wet! 

So, with our 15-membrane packs, you can easily expect to carry around 60 projects or more

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