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This multipart plastic kit builds one Helbrute – a warped Dreadnought with a massive array of weapon combinations. The left arm can be equipped with a missile launcher, a writhing power scourge, a massive hammer, or a crushing fist. The right arm can be armed with a plasma cannon, a multi-melta, a twinned lascannon, a twinned heavy bolter, a reaper autocannon, or a fist of its own. Each of the Helbrute's fists can also sport a wrist-mounted combi-bolter or palm-mounted heavy flamer.

This monstrous box is packed with options for customising your Helbrute. The miniature is poseable at the waist, shoulders, and neck, with six different ball-jointed heads to choose from. You'll also find three sets of horns for the sarcophagus, two shoulder pads for the left arm, and a variety of weapon-pipes to fit different poses.

This kit comprises 101 plastic components, and comes with a Citadel 60mm Round Base.

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